Crandy and Mobile Payments

Russell Buckley writes:

Crandy is the first independent company in Europe to be issued with an E-Bank Licence. This allows them to operate a mobile payment system and believe me, these things aren’t easy to get hold of.

Crandy allows you to do a number of things with your mobile.

You can transfer money to other Crandy users and top up your prepay card, from your phone. These are very important services. Partly, as they drive recruitment of members organically. But partly, as they cover the time lag between recruiting a member base and having merchants on board – there’s no point in having a payment method that you can’t use while everyone waits for merchants to be arrive.

However, increasingly, you’ll be able to use Crandy to pay at vending machines and parking meters. And to purchase mobile content. They even allow users cheap phone calls and sms.

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Rajesh Jain

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