Tags – Good and Bad

Don Turnbull offers the pros and cons:

Tags are good because:

* They show a user’s view of the data
* When in a hypertext system, they provide easy ways to sort and browse data
* They help with search because they may offer additional keywords for a resource that aren’t in the original resource
* Experts are not good at describing every possible keyword or concept that may apply
* Tags are additional (meta)data that can be analyzed by information retrieval systems

Tags are bad because:

* Experts may be a little better at describing resources (assuming that experts are the one posting and creating the resources in question)
* Tags may be too focused on one community of users for wide utility
* Once tagged, a dynamic resource may change, but the tags may not necessarily be updated to reflect this change
* Tags are just another system of resource identification to spam, spoof and game (especially tags as links to Web pages)

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