RSS as Marketing Tool

Th New York Times writes:

Google, Pheedo, Feedster and Yahoo Search Marketing are all peddling advertising options for R.S.S., an increasingly popular way of having a personal computer automatically retrieve information from the Internet.

For example, R.S.S. users interested in local weather could view forecast updates on their computers without having to visit a particular Web site.

Some big companies, like Verizon, are starting to buy space in the R.S.S. information streams, which are selected anonymously and pulled from Web sites by a PC.

R.S.S. may be getting bigger soon. Microsoft has announced that R.S.S. – the abbreviation stands for Really Simple Syndication – will be integrated into its next Windows operating system. Microsoft’s announcement makes it more likely that R.S.S., used for years only by the tech-savvy, will become more of a mainstream computer tool. R.S.S. was helped last year when Yahoo put it on My Yahoo pages.

R.S.S. is somewhat like TiVo for the Internet. By letting people have content pulled from Web sites and fed to their own computers automatically, they can then store it for later viewing. The growing number of R.S.S. users has some online publishers – they are now the biggest group of suppliers of R.S.S. feeds – starting to worry that R.S.S. could take eyeballs away from their existing advertisements on the Web.

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