Motorola’s New Products

Barron’s has a positive story on Motorola and discusses some of its forthcoming products after the Razr and the PEBL:

More new products are expected this year — including a phone called the Scalpel, which is expected to be just a quarter-inch thick and shaped like a candy bar. Motorola is expected to aim the phone directly at Nokia’s overseas strongholds, where the shape is most popular. It could be in stores across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia by next year, according to Crain’s Chicago Business, which quoted an analyst who had seen the product.

Another gadget on the way has a telling nickname: RAZRBerry. It’s expected to be just as thin as the RAZR but wide enough to include a keyboard for e-mail messaging, which points it directly at the heart of Research in Motion’s popular BlackBerry PDA.

Its music-playing Rocker phones, meanwhile, are about to get a new addition: A phone with a music player that’s compatible with Apple’s super-hot iTunes system for downloading, organizing and playing music. It’s essentially a cellphone with music portability on a par with Apple’s must-have iPod.

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