Telcos, TV and Internet

The Economist writes:

…Sooner or later IPTV will happen, if only because telecoms companies all over the world are betting on it. And when it does it will be controversial…That is because IPTV forms part of a larger, and quite desperate, defensive strategy now being adopted by telecoms firms against fierce attacks on multiple fronts. On one front are cable giants, such as America’s Comcast, which are luring customers with an enticing triple-play bundle of TV, broadband and telephony services. On a second front are mobile-phone operators, which young customers in particular are increasingly using to cut the cord from their fixed-line company.

But arguably most dangerous of all is the third front, where traditional telecoms firms are under attack from voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) providers, which use the internet to carry conversations that would previously have taken place via a conventional phone.

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