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The Economic Times on Sunday featured quotes by me in an article on do-it-yourself journalism:

New technology has always had a deep impact on the way information has been transmitted. However, now with blogging and the advent of podcasting these changes have been most prominent in the speed of transmission. Reporters cant be everywhere, all the time. In such cases, especially in disasters, citizens are mobilising and uploading information instantly, says Rajesh Jain, CEO Netcore Solutions, and author of Emergic, a blog on emerging technologies.

If I witness something, I can take a picture from my cell phone, or even make a video and blog it instantly on the internet. Now, I can even upload an audio in the form of a podcast. Its out there in a matter of minutes, before the news is even out. This is bound to drive journalism to the hyperlocal level, not just local, explains Jain.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.