Here is how Alex Bosworth manages:

Every day I wake up and the first thing that gets me out of bed is, gotta go over to my Kubuntu box and check my email and rss feeds.

I have a portable music player and a portable dvd player, I turn something on and go have a shower. The shower is actually the place where I come up with the bulk of my ideas for the day.

I hop into the car and plug in my ipod or switch on NPR. I rarely listen to the same song more than a couple times, paradoxically whenever I listen to music I’m always listening to find something great that’s worth listening to again.

At work I’m on email and I keep up with my ‘work blogs’, I use numbers to track everything, like my bloglines unread count, I never want to have my numbers go above 0. I’m looking at our internal wiki for other people’s changes to my pages or shared pages, bug tracking and checkins for Swik, plus I’ll also keep open my calendar (currently one of the sources of the most frustration). I also monitor the Swik traffic and edit logs for new contributions or interesting usage patterns, and our community forums.

I’ve learned to be really fast at scanning these various sources of information; everything that’s not email I tie together through RSS feeds, and I am really really fast with the pagedown button to bring my counts back to 0. Even though I get far more RSS info than email, I spend roughly the same amount of time on each because I read email more carefully.

If I see something I need to remember, I’ll post it to, add it to my tadalist, clip it using bloglines, or just write a little note to myself on paper or on our internal wiki.

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