Of Mobiles and PCs

Russell Buckley writes:

My vision (shared by many other mobile thinkers I respect, like Tim Oren and Rajesh Jain) is that the phone will take over from the PC, as storage on handsets get better and as more and more data is stored on the web anyway. This is already happening with Flickr for photos, gmail for email and Bloglines for RSS, so you don’t need huge amounts of storage on the device you carry around with you anyway.

When you need to do something that requires a larger screen and keyboard, you’ll just dock your mobile into one of the millions of stations dotted around the work, home and public environments and away you go. No logging in or re-configuring is necessary as your phone is both the key and holds the configurations that you’ve already decided on.

This will mean your phone’s operating system is the only relevant one – and that leaves Windows at an evolutionary dead-end.

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Rajesh Jain

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