Jotspot’s Evolution

Dan Farber writes:

[Joe Kraus of Jotspot] said that the first iteration of JotSpot was inspired by the basic wiki concept, but has become a “wiki plus plus,” somewhat complex and difficult to explain easily to customers. He now plans to simplify JotSpot by creating three separate products within this year out of current and some future functionality. All of the products will be based on the JotSpot wiki-oriented platform (co-authoring, alerts, version control, calendars, attachments, aggregating mulitple data types, integrating with external applications, search, etc.).

First is a new, simplified version of the wiki, which will conform to the more canonical notions of wikiness. Second is CorkBoard, which puts a graphical user interface on top of the text-oriented wiki framework, making it easier for more non-technical users to get up and running with a networked application, such as a shared project management space. Joe said the company will make the APIs open so that users have the ability to tinker and build their own CorkBoard applications on top of the JotSpot platform.

The third application, called Application Publisher, allows users to create what Joe calls do-it-yourself (DIY) network-based applications. “If in under a minute you can make [the data] interactive like Google Maps and with good visual design, that’s something fascinating,” Joe said.

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