Customer Interaction Hubs

Phil Windley writes:

The CIH manages three important resources that companies have at their disposal for interacting with customers: channels, rules, and knowledge. Note that there are other resources, like people, that the CIH doesn’t manage. Think of the CIH as a big switch that uses rules to control the flow of knowledge in and out of various customer interaction channels (chat, phone, web, forums, email, etc.).

The goal of the CIH is improved interaction with customers at reduced cost by providing an end-to-end customer experience across all channels. You might have experienced the frustration of losing the context of a customer support interaction when we moved from email to phone. A CIH makes sure that doesn’t happen. What’s more, the CIH should seamlessly transition a customer from a self-service interaction to an assisted interaction.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.