Smart Aggregators

Umair Haque writes: “I think there two dimensions to what Smart Aggregators should be doing right now: filtering the right content from the wrong content (what most people in the industry unfortunately call ‘relevance’), and then filtering again within the right content (for freshness, oldness, whatever).”

He adds in another post:

Your feed/micromedia reader is going to need your preference info in order to efficiently allocate your attention. You’ll reveal it because efficient attention allocation is worth a great deal to you.

Of course, reaveling this info will let smart producers aggregate detailed preference info that can serve ads targeted as tightly as adware, but without the evilness.

Profile-based ads are going to be a key (edge) competence for Media 2.0 players (as I’ve argued many times before). Note that RSS AdSense Google style is not profile-based – it’s just the same old competence leveraged into a new domain.

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