Mark Anderson Interview

Business Week has an interview with Mark Anderson, who publishes a weekly newsletter, Strategic News Service (SNS). Excerpts:

Q: Do you see any new technologies that have been overhyped?
A: Right now, I see a dearth of innovation. The various innovations that I’ve mentioned are happening at the fringes.

One reason is, [as is the case with Wal-Mart suppliers,] companies’ margins are getting sucked up. Another reason is there are lots of dominant players — near-monopolists. There, the lack of innovation is natural. Areas that are more competitive are the areas of innovation.

Q: Do you expect this situation to change any time soon?
A: A lot of competition will arise. We haven’t yet seen an offering from the Linux crowd in terms of device drivers, [which help a particular device interact with an operating system,] or ease of installation. But if those two problems are fixed, I think you’ll see real competition to Windows.

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