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Russell Beattie writes:

With the appearance of My AOL, Microsoft’s and Google’s RSS home page it seems that My Yahoo! has some company in the “RSS Home Page” space. These competitors are right to jump in as according to FeedBurner, Yahoo! is currently enjoying nearly 60% of the aggregator market. Though it’s nice to see that mainstream portals are jumping onto the RSS bandwagon (lead by my employer), the problem is that all of these services generally suck.

Why? Because they all break a very simple rule: You should only see an RSS item once. If I go to a page and see the weather for the day, that’s it. I don’t need to see the weather again until it changes drastically or tomorrow. After I’ve seen it once, it’s noise. If I see a news story headline, that’s it, I don’t need to see it again unless there is something new. It’s very simple. There’s too much information out there in the world to constantly have to search for updates on my own customized news page. New information should stand out, and old information should go away.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.