Cellphone Future

[via Textually.org] USA Today writes:

No sane person at the time ever thought these things would become the most significant electronic consumer device in history. But that’s exactly what is happening.

Bigger than television. Bigger than the PC. Bigger than the telephone.

The cell phone’s impact will be so huge because unlike those previous technologies it’s so widespread. People in developing countries who a decade ago owned nothing more complicated than a water pump now have cell phones.

New businesses will pop up, new models for making money, new ways to be entertained, new definitions of privacy. The Internet was a grand creation. The Internet plus cell phones will be magnificent.

One amazing thought from 1985: At the time, no one even thought in terms of a personal cell phone. We could barely conceive of car phones. One expert waxed futuristic by saying that in 10 years, car phones will be as common as stereos and air conditioners in cars today. That’s as far as anyone’s mind could stretch.

We’re just as limited now when trying to predict the future of the cell phone universe

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