Changing Journalism

Rory O’Connor’ writes:

Journalism is again becoming a democratic medium. No one owns journalism, blogger/pundit Jeff Jarvis exults on Buzzmachine. It is not an official act, a certified act, an expert act, a proprietary act. Anyone can do journalism. Everyone does. Some do it better than others, of course. But everyone does it. And Jacob Weisberg points out on, If you dont like this raucous clamor emanating from cyberspace, youre not really comfortable with democracy.

The profession is undergoing a revolution generated from the bottom up, which is turning our world and the world we report on upside down. As the technological tools of the citizen journalism trade become increasingly accessible, the lesson for journalists everywhere is clear: Embrace the change, or else. They not busy being born are busy dying, as the poet once wrote. The only choice before us, as Scoop Nisker eloquently phrased it, is this: If you dont like the news make some of your own!

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