Mirror Worlds

This post by Nivi reminded me of David Gelernter’s idea of Mirror Worlds:

Want to know what the blog-o-sphere will look like in 2015?

Look at the virtual worlds of todays Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) like Second Life.

Want to know why everyone will have a blog tommorrow, just like everyone has an email address today?

Because your blog will be your avatar in virtual reality. And you cant play in virtual reality without an avatar. So youre gonna need a blog, baby.

When you blog today, you are participating in a Massively Multiplayer Online Conversation (MMOC). Todays text blogs are like the text-based MUD games of yesteryear. These MUDs eventually grew up to become todays 3-d MMOGs. And inna future, blogs will grow up from text to audio to video. And blogs will come to resemble the avatars in todays MMOGs.

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