DIY Superservices

[via Gaurav] Jim Moore writes:

In information and communication technology, DIY do-it-yourself revolution is expressing itself, and enabling itself, through do-it-yourself open superservices made available on the web–and a massive, parallel expansion in the number of individuals who are using these superservices to create new applications, many of which are in turn made available as new superservices. These are “DIY services” or better, “DIY Superservices.”

These services are super in many ways, including:

Web superservices are capable in theory–and sometimes in practice–of scaling to serve large numbers of users and transactions.

Web superservices can be created by anyone with access to the web.

Web superservices are open to all users across the planet. Superservices are user scriptable in most instances. Users can combine services into networks of intwined inputs and outputs, creating service clusters that are far more valuable than the sum of their parts. User-created hacks and mash-ups are becoming commonplace.

Web superservices reflect the imaginations of their developers, and are not forced into any typology, registray, or typing system.

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Rajesh Jain

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