The New York Times writes:

Created in the fall of 2003 as a looser, music-driven version of, MySpace quickly caught on with millions of teenagers and young adults as a place to maintain their home pages, which they often decorate with garish artwork, intimate snapshots and blogs filled with frank and often ribald commentary on their lives, all linked to the home pages of friends.

Even with many users in their 20’s MySpace has the personality of an online version of a teenager’s bedroom, a place where the walls are papered with posters and photographs, the music is loud, and grownups are an alien species.

Although many people over 30 have never heard of MySpace, it has about 27 million members, a nearly 400 percent growth since the start of the year. It passed Google in April in hits, the number of pages viewed monthly, according to comScore MediaMetrix, a company that tracks Web traffic. (MySpace members often cycle through dozens of pages each time they log on, checking up on friends’ pages.) According to Nielsen/NetRatings, users spend an average of an hour and 43 minutes on the site each month, compared with 34 minutes for and 25 minutes for Friendster.

WSJ(Lee Gomes) writes:

It is becoming clear that the collective Internet is growing into that immersive reality, even if it doesn’t have the animated “avatar” guides and realistic 3D graphics that these places have in science fiction.

How else can you explain Web sites like MySpace ( There, untold tens of thousands of young people spend many hours a day wandering around as if in a suburban shopping mall, looking for friends, expressing opinions, acquiring trends and, in general, leading a life that at times seems to have more reality to it than the life they lead when they log off.

MySpace’s technology doesn’t explain its success. Instead, some unpredicted perturbation in the cultural atmosphere seems to get a few people interested in a particular site, and that quickly snowballs into a full-fledged viral phenomenon.

What does it take to build India’s MySpace?

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