3G in Europe

WSJ writes that demand is picking up:

Subscribers to 3G services still account for a small fraction of cellular-phone users in Europe. But some analysts expect 2006 to be the break-out year for the technology. Ovum, a telecommunications consultancy in London, forecasts that European operators will have registered 63 million 3G subscribers — one in six European cellphone users — by the end of next year, as the sophisticated networks needed to carry the technology finish being rolled out and prices for 3G handsets come down.

After the tech-stock bubble burst in 2000, the term “3G” came to embody the once-ballyhooed and then derided notion that phones and multimedia content would “converge.” This convergence is finally happening. Today, users in Europe can watch TV, surf the Web, download music and videos and send video messages on their 3G handsets. By contrast, wireless services in the U.S. remain more primitive.

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