Mobile TV Start-ups

Barron’s writes about MobiTV and GoTV:

MobiTV, which is operated by Idetic of Berkeley, Calif., basically is providing a live, streaming feed of popular broadcast and cable channels (some on-demand programming is available too).

GoTV Networks, based in Sherman Oaks, Calif., not far from the studios’ back lots in Burbank, provides specially packaged “on-demand” versions of your favorite programs and networks. Both companies’ services can be watched on dozens of PDAs and mobile phones with color screens. Naturally, the more advanced the screen, software and chips, the better the quality of the picture. A JPEG chip — a special microprocessor designed for video — is often a key ingredient to better viewing on the hardware side.

Without any disrespect for either company, MobiTV strikes me as more of a Silicon Valley technology company, and GoTV as more of a Hollywood media company. Curiously, one of the first things both companies pointed out is that they have Emmy Awards on their sides — MobiTV for its technology, and GoTV for producers and technical talent. All that’s missing is Joan Rivers and the red carpet.

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Rajesh Jain

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