Mobile TV

The Economist writes:

Even sceptics such as Ms de Lussanet concede that mobile TV might prove populareventually. The problem is that, as usual, the industry is being far too optimistic about how quickly it can launch the service. Several operators will probably try to launch mobile-TV services next year, she says, but as with web-browsing, picture-messaging and video-telephony, the initial service will be far from perfect. Operators and broadcasters must strike deals, regulators must allocate spectrum, and national mobile-TV broadcasting networks will have to be built. Users will also have to upgrade to new handsets with built-in TV receivers, which will have to be easy to use and not too bulky, expensive or power-hungry. Those things take years to come together, says Ms de Lussanet. Then, and only then, will it be possible to tell whether mobile TV is something that people really want.

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