Technology Battles

[via Sadagopan] InfoWorld writes about seven tech battles:

Windows vs. Linux: Is this battle really the fight of the new century? Or should these old warhorses shake hands and just get along?

Behemoth vs. blade: A farm of blades seems like the best way to scale to meet application demands, but only when the software will cooperate

Conventional software vs. software as a service: Hosted apps may hold a tiny slice of the market right now, but over the long haul, does conventional software stand a chance?

Consolidation vs. federation: Should you standardize on one database platform or connect existing databases together where they reside?

NAC vs. NAP: Network access management locks out untrusted end points; Cisco and Microsoft are duking it out over who gets the keys

Vista vs. Tiger: Finally, now that OS X is in its fourth version, the beta release of Vista shows that Microsoft realizes it needs to catch up

Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI: The price and performance of these two rivals may be closer than you think. Much depends on what — and who — is already in place

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