Real World Tagging

This is Mobility writes: “Systems somewhat like, and by extension Semacode, have been around for a while. If we take the base idea as attaching some bit of information to a place, there are projects using Bluetooth to find nearby devices (which can include static beacons) and using GPS and triangulation based on Wifi access points or cell phone towers. What really stuck out about this one for me was that the information was embedded right in the tag. For most location based services you have some central server in the sky that takes the information about your location and directs you to the right resource. It centralizes control and restricts what people can do with the system. However, the semacode embeds the information for the resource right in the tag. No central control, no intermediating server, no need to get my information put into the system for others to look up. I just put my info online and I can print out the tags myself. Completely federated tagging. That was one of the big plusses that caught my attention when I first read about it. Theres no infrastructure that needs to be ongoing in order to support it. People need to have a reader installed on their phone, but that cant be broken by a central server being down or taken out of service. Once you bootstrap this effort it stays up.”

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Rajesh Jain

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