Business Week’s Web Picks

Business Week picks its Best of the Web and writes: ” At many new Web sites and services, the creative energy of countless souls virtually crackles off the screen. They’re cobbling together their own services from customizable Web sites and Lego-style pieces of Web software. By the millions, they’re gathering and disseminating their own news with blogs and podcasts, creating customized article and photo feeds from their favorite sites and even annotating them with helpful text tags that others can search for on the Web site They’re producing their own entertainment on video, social-networking, game, and photo-sharing sites such as Yahoo’s Flickr. At, some 21 million monthly visitors spend up to several hours a day sharing their thoughts, photos, and music with friends on personalized home pages. Ditto at Cyworld, which claims almost a third of South Korea’s 48 million people as members.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.