China’s Web 2.0

TechCrunch has an interesting commentary on the theme that C2C and VoIP is China’s Web 2.0:

I see the convergence of Internet and telephony taking shape through the development of mobile e-commerce and free voice.

It might look something like this: A twenty-something Chinese woman is waiting at the bus stop using her 3G enabled mobile phone to surf the Victorias Secret China site (There isnt one yet but I hope there will be someday). She sees something she likes but wants to get her friends opinion on it first. She conferences two of her best friends and shares links to the products shes considering. Afterwards, she dials Victorias Secret sales line, for free of course, and talks to a live person with video while making purchases using her handset.

After all, in China, people like to buy from people face to face and at the very least be able to hear their voice.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.