Blog Reader Wishlist

Alex Bosworth wants a different kind of blog reader:

What I really want is to use something takes the isolated blog, single page for all posts concept that bloglines pioneered, but gives me a lot more control than clunky left navbar folders.

Instead I want tabs. I want to keep all my blogreading on a single page organized by tabs. If I have too many tabs, I should be able to merge them into folder-tabs.

When new posts arrive in a blog, the tab should change color, and possibly indicate the number of new posts. My selecting the tab would indicate I had paid attention to the entries.

I should be able to set up rules on my tabs as well. If someone mentions me in a blog, or something interesting I care about, for example a good deal on RAM on or a post about Ajax, the tab could highlight in a different color or even send me an email or sms.

The last thing i’d like to do is be able to comment within the blogreader. As it stands now, I never ever want to leave my blogreader. Half the sites whose blogs I read, I’ve never even seen their webpage. If I want to make a response, or see other peoples’ responses, I want to stay in my blogreader.

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