Memory Chips

WSJ writes about the rise of NAND:

The falling cost and rising capacity of a popular memory chip are triggering a shake-up in the global electronics market.

The chip, perhaps best known from the memory cards in digital cameras, uses something called NAND flash memory to store data, songs, photos and lately video in a tiny sliver of silicon. Major advances in the chip’s technology have giant electronics companies jockeying for position as suppliers of NAND chips are scrambling to protect other product lines from the competition.

The new-style memory chips are suddenly one of the most important factors behind the surprising size, capacity and general coolness factor of the hottest consumer gadgets finding their way into electronics stores, from ultra-small camcorders and portable video players to Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod nano. In coming years, the rate that such products fall in price will be driven in part by the speed with which NAND-chip prices fall.

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Rajesh Jain

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