Phones and Computers

Oliver Starr writes: “I believe that as phone technologies continue to advance, coupled with faster and faster networks being deployed, that the PC is going to become a fundamentally different device. Your phone will carry a “system on a stick” that houses your operating environment, programs, visual preferences etc. and your data will be safely stored remotely in virtually infinite and redundant data storage. Whenever you need capabilities (like a large monitor or keyboard) that exceed the current phone setup (though not for much longer with flexible OLED displays that could roll into the handset and brilliant optical keyboards that simply need a flat uniformly colored surface to work when voice recognition isn’t sufficient), all you’ll do is place your phone near a generic public computing terminal and via the system on your phone and a wireless local networking protocol, probably UWB, the terminal becomes YOUR computer. Best of all, when you’re done and you walk away (with your phone of course), the means for anyone else to access the files, or any other personal item has disappeared – no need to remember to erase anything, no need to worry about covering your tracks…everything lives in the handset.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.