Web 2.0 Gold Rush

Richard MacManus discusses whether the Web 2.0 land-grab is an opportunity or absurdity:

‘m sensing a backlash about the rising VC interest in Web 2.0.

Well I’m right in the middle of Silicon Valley as I write this post. I’ve had a great time over here and I’ve felt lots of energy and enthusiasm from all the Web people I’ve met here. I’ve seen a Flock employee sleeping on the floor of the garage-office Flock occupies in Palo Alto, in mid-afternoon, due to overwork no doubt. People are putting in a lot of effort to build new Web-based businesses. It’s OK to be slightly skeptical about the long-term value, but I have to say I still think it’s a land of opportunity rather than absurdity. Admittedly I’m a pretty naive person when it comes down to it – or maybe just happy (as the Nirvana song goes).

OK so there’s a lot of hype. So the VCs are throwing money around. So get to work. Build something Web-based that mainstream people will need and want. Now’s the time to do it.

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Rajesh Jain

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