The New York Times writes:

n the past year, media companies have begun experimenting with broadcasting original programming made specifically for mobile phones to increase awareness of their television shows and movies. And interest in such programming may grow further: last week, Apple introduced a video iPod, which, while not a mobile phone, is another test of consumers’ interest in portable entertainment.

So far, efforts by media companies are modest, limited largely to games, ring tones and wallpaper. But interest is growing, particularly in “mobisodes,” short series that are already popular abroad.

In the United States, the News Corporation has been at the forefront, creating “24: Conspiracy,” based on a 20th Century Fox Television serial; another serial based on “The Simple Life,” a reality show that starred Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie; and two other serial dramas not tied to television shows. But other entertainment companies are entering the fray, focusing on comedy and animated shorts.

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