The Evolving Internet

Dan Farber writes:

While the cognoscenti call it Web 2.0, Gartner calls the next phase of the modern Internet (beginning circa 1995) the “second revolution.” Instead of mashups, syndication and social media, Gartners analysts talk about micropayments, services and Web-enabled communities. They are both talking about the same thingthe Internet is continuing to evolve as the platform for every computing-related activity. It’s a continuum, not a second revolutionperhaps a third wave, from pre- and post-bubble and now a new bubble or at least bit of frothiness.

Speaking to the crowd of IT executives, Gartner analysts James Brancheau and Chuck Abrams didnt talk about mashups, but described the business impact emerging from a shift in demographics and consumer behavior, combined with technological changes wrought by the Internet. By 2010, every business and organizational activity will revolve around the use of Web-based content and applications, Brancheau said. Thats not any news to the cognoscenti, but for the IT crowd it has some major implicationsthe old way versus the new way.

There is no second coming of the Internetit’s been coming for the last 35 years. Nor is there any time for complacency

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