Death of Databases?

Ramesh Jain writes: “The feeling that current relational databases have outlived their utility comes from many sides, including some people who were vocal proponents of relational databases. At ICDE in Tokyo, two major key note talks were by Mike Stonebreaker and Pat Salinger. Both have played strong role in the popularity of relational databases but both were talking as if they are now against relational dbs. This is very natural because relational model is very efficient for what it was designed for. The type and nature of data has changed so much in the last decade that data engineers have to rethink how to deal with multimedia, spatio-temporal, and live data. This combined with the user expectations of seeing the data at different levels of resolutions and getting information and insights from data rather than just data in response to their querries is forcing people to think about the next generation databases.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.