Hundred Dollar Laptop Review

[via Jorge] Ethan Zuckerman evaluates the laptop and writes: “One Laptop Per Child is an amazingly ambitious and radical project. If it succeeds, it will radically change how the world learns, communicates and interacts over the next couple of decades. And if it fails, it will likely scare off anyone from trying anything this radical in technology and education for many years to come. For that reason alone, I’d like to make sure it doesn’t fail, and would the help of the WorldChanging community in figuring out ways to make sure it succeeds.”

Atanu Dey comments: “A blackboard and chalk is not as sexy as a laptop. In fact, a TV and a media player is pretty much all the hardware that you need to provide basic education to a village full of children. That hardware (and some free software) would cost all of $200 a year, and if you pay about $2000 a year as salaries to a couple of village school teachers, you can educate a 100 kids for about $20 per child per year. Compare that to just buying $100 laptops for each kid.”

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