Rich Internet Experience Revolution

Dion Hinchcliffe writes:

I believe Web 2.0, as exciting as it is, is only starting to happen. We have a long way to go and lots of interesting developments are taking place almost daily which are changing the very ground upon which we all stand. For example, I wrote about AMASS in an article last week. AMASS provides a pretty clean and simple client-side storage system for Web 2.0 applications to permanently keep information on your local computer without badly breaking security or being too egregious a hack. Now someone has mashed-up that capability with TrimQuery, a JavaScript database engine that provides the capabilities of a robust SQL database in about 700 lines of JavaScript. The result allows extremely sophisticated applications to be built to run in most any browser and run online, or offline, without the risk of losing data. We are watching the Web client turn into a full-blown computing platform in front of our very eyes.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.