RSS Missing Piece

Steve Rubel writes:

Right now, if you think about it, RSS is mostly a passive receive medium. First you opt-in to receive the feeds that interest you. Then you wait for new content to be published and later you consume it in your news aggregator. Sure, RSS is open for anyone to publish, but in the end we’re all shooting at the same hoop – to get individuals passively consuming our content.

What’s missing from this equation is the means for an individual to express themselves around a common want or need and then see it aggregated via RSS. For example, automotive companies should be able to subscribe to a feed of all the people who expressed interest in buying a hybrid car from their brand (assuming they don’t already offer one). Politicians should be able to easily find an RSS feed of all individuals who support a particular bill. And Dell should be able to subscribe to a feed that aggregates all of the people who are voicing complaints about their computers.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.