Google Future

Forrester Research (George Colony) offers the following view: “Here’s Google’s playbook: 1) have the best search; 2) have more of the world to search than anyone else through the digitization of university libraries, earth images, maps, etc.; 3) attract the most advertising and syndication; enabling the company to 4) give all of its software away for free; which enables it to 5) change the rules and economics of the software business and define the future through its pioneering work in X Internet…In the past year, Google has proven to me that it is way more than just a great search company. It can jump into the program game and play under a completely new set of rules: executable Internet and free. Unless Larry and Sergey lose focus and the company’s charter devolves into esoteric pet projects, Google is going to change the world.”

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.