Om Malik writea about a soon-to-be-launched service: “Newsvine has quietly built a site that uses the elements of Web 2.0 such as tagging, user submitted content and all sorts of things. But just dont call them a Web 2.0 company…Their model is pretty simple. Marry the content from generic news sources like Associated Press or Reuters, with citizen journalism. Newsvine will feature AP news feeds, which will account for about 80% of the content on the site. Rest of it will be made up of contributions from citizen journalists, who will sign-up and submit content to the site. So if you are a LA Lakers fan, then your columns could be featured right next to AP copy on a URL that will essentially look like Given that I have been rallying against the whole concept of gross exploitation of user generated content you might be wondering why is it any different? Well, because you get a piece of the advertising that is sold against content you generated. Those of you who dont want to write long articles, simply save the link to Newsvine with your comments.”

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