Buffett’s Life

WSJ digs deeper into Buffett’s life and work:

Mr. Buffett has relied on gut instinct for decades to run Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Watch him at work inside his $136 billion investment behemoth, and what you see resembles no other modern financial titan. He spends most of his day alone in an office with no computer. He makes swift investment decisions, steers clear of meetings and advisers, eschews set procedures and doesn’t require frequent reports from managers. Occasionally he picks up the phone, calls his broker and trades $100 million or more of stock.

Mr. Buffett deliberately keeps the outside world at bay, believing it is the best way for him to remain “rational” as an investor. If he is interested in investing in a company, he studies the financials himself. “I’ve created a good environment,” he says. “All I have to do is think and not be influenced by others.”

He says he knows an attractive acquisition candidate when he sees it. “If I don’t know it in five to 10 minutes,” Mr. Buffett says, “then I’m not going to know it in 10 weeks.”

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