Network or Content?

Oliver Starr writes: “No one wants a network! (except maybe the network engineers) What they want are clear calls, excellent multi-media, richer applications, faster downloads, quicker online gaming reactivity, better streaming video, crystal clear audio and anything else that a really robust, high bandwidth, flawlessly engineered network can deliver – oh yeah, and REALLY COOL PHONES. People don’t want a network, but they DEMAND the benefits a great network delivers.”

As a consumer that loves mobile phones and the media that makes them so special, I only want a few basic things:

* I want a variety of phones that allow me to do anything the network can support
* I want fair pricing with plans that let me use the system the way I want to without going bankrupt
* I want to be reachable whenever I want to be reached
* I want to be connected anywhere I want to connect
* When something breaks, gets lost or stolen or I need help using it I want to reach help on the first try, quickly, and I want a solution without waiting for a week to get a package in the mail.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.