Content and Attention

Michael Parekh writes:

There’s no eBay like marketplace where content can find it’s own value as stocks do in the stock markets.

Sure, there are auctions on used books, music and videos and that tells you something, but it’s not a front and central price signaling marketplace. And there are always the consumer reviews and rankings at Amazon that give you some sense of what a piece of content might be worth.

And now of course, we have tags, be they from and others, that allow folks to publicly display their favorite and not-so-favorite lists of content for all to see.

But there’s no online site that gives you a sense of what a piece of content is worth from a consumer point of view..

But there will be.

They may incorporate deeper implementations of Web 2.0 technologies like tags and RSS streams and the like, but at some point a marketplace will develop.

That would be the “Dream” scenario from a consumer perspective to counter the “dreams” of the music and content industries that Joel cites.

After all, Content ultimately seeks Attention, and Attention ultimately prices Content.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.