n-Logue and Rural India

Sramana Mitra writes about n-Logue (in which I am an investor and on the Board):

India is a complex market, but in rural India, the complexity escalates significantly. And yet, imagine the power that a company would command having cracked the rural India communication / information market?

n-Logue is a contender for such power.

n-Logues business model has been inspired by the success of long distance Public Call Offices (PCO) model and the Cable TV Operator model in India. The 950,000 PCOs, which are roadside booths offering telephony services, account for about 25% of the total fixed line telephony income in India. The success of these ventures proved that demand aggregation, a basket of services approach and local entrepreneurship could combine to make a rural internet cum telephony kiosk operationally viable. These principles are the foundations of n-Logues approach.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.