Skype CEO on Innovation

The Economist’s 2006 Annual has an article by Niklas Zennstrm, founder and CEO of Skype Technologies:

There is now a relentless need to innovate at a pace modern customers demand. Unencumbered innovation requires speed and vigilance, and slowing down to keep an eye on the competition is a distraction that keeps you from your goal. Competition is healthy, of course, and as the market for internet voice communication matures, competition will continue to grow. This will spur even more significant innovation, benefiting consumers with lower prices and better choices.

To create true change, the focus must be on proving new definitions and value, not just reducing costs for a known commodity. Disruptive companies must provide consumers with ways to enhance their lives, increase their productivity and enable operations to run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Rajesh Jain

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