RIM’s Licensing Strategy

[via Daniel Taylor] C. Enrique Ortiz writes:

what I believe has been RIM’s most important change in strategy is the company’s licensing of their technology – RIM is now licensing their technology as BlackBerry Connect, a strategy that begun around a year ago with a number of partnership annoucements. I believe that RIM has come to realize that with so much competition, and with the technology becoming commoditized, the next logical step is to take advantage of their unique position (popularity) and presence in the enterprise — licensing is what will help RIM maintain leadership in the secure wireless email space, in the enterprise.

If you haven’t noticed, RIM has been creating relationships with all major handset players, ensuring that BlackBerry software runs on all major platforms and carriers: a relationship with Symbian to ensure BlackBerry Connect runs on Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets, with HCT to ensure BlackBerry Connect runs on their Windows-based handsets, and now with Palm to ensure BlackBerry Connect runs on Treo handsets. Missing is support for Linux. Similarly RIM has signed BlackBerry Connect licensing deals with carriers such as Vodafone, Cingular and others.

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