Palm CEO on What’s Next

The New York Times has an interview with Ed Colligan, the chief executive of Palm. An excerpt:

Q. What’s the next killer application in hand-helds?

A. Well, I think the Web has not been exploited to the level that it’s going to be on these devices. When you see our next-gen product, it has a high-speed radio in it, literally bringing kind of broadband connection speeds to the device. It totally changes the dynamic of how accessible the Internet is as an information access point wherever you are and whenever you want to get access to it. Everything from looking up the meaning of words, booking a table at, to doing a Google search on my family history in Ireland as I’m driving through the Irish coast when we’re opening our center over there. It is going to become so much more accessible as the performance of those networks continues to improve that a whole new set of applications are going to be delivered via that. I believe you will suddenly see some of the promise – like not only information access, but commerce and other functionalities – that had been promised a while back relative to cellphones will finally come to fruition.

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