The Dawn Of Engagement Marketing

Alan Moore writes:

Up until now, advertising has always relied on interruption.

Whether travelling to work, reading their favourite newspaper, watching TV or just generally going about their daily business, consumers are constantly interrupted by advertising messages.

But the power of these interruptive messages is waning, simply because there are so many of them around us and they cost so much to do.

More TV channels, more magazines, more billboards, more doordrops, more email spam means more and more ads – interruptive advertising is beginning to become as much of a headache for marketers as it is for the poor consumer.

The more interruptions there are, the more clutter there is – and consequently the less power any individual message has to stand out and get noticed.

Moreover there are grumblings from the client side that all is not well in the marketing communications industry.

No wonder that marketers are waking up to a new way to build their brands.

Not by Interruption, but by Engagement.

Engagement Marketing is about brands, becoming, for example part of the fabric of entertainment – enhancing it, not interrupting it.

Put simply, it is about getting out of the ad break and into the world of content, assets and properties.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.