Needed: Ajax of Voice

Nivi writes:

We need a technology that lets you send your voice through your web browser. It can be done today but the options are

– Flash which costs thousands or tens of thousands of dollars
– Java which takes half an hour to load the Java Runtime Environment
– ActiveX which only works on Internet Explorer

We need an open and standards-based way to send our voices and video through our web browsers. We need the AJAX of voice.

I dont know if the browser will eventually replace all of the applications we run on the desktop. But the tremendous grow of Meebo is the latest example of a desktop application that is quickly moving to the web (Meebo is IM on the web).

Voice is one of the richest forms of communication. Unless we build Voice over Web technology, we will be beholden to companies like Skype (a Bessemer investment, God bless them) who will own voice.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.