People Power Vs Google

Om Malik writes:

Will a peoples collective be able to beat Google at the search game?

Thats the proverbial $64,000 question, and venture investors are trying to answer that by funding start-ups such as Wink, that plans to go live perhaps as soon as Thursday, according to Silicon Valley sources. The company has been in a limited beta since October, and today conducted a major update to its infrastructure and interface, according to their blog.

Wink is not alone in taking on Google. Of course, there are others like Activeweave, Jookster, Kaboodle, and Rollyo which are taking human cycles and trying to come-up with better results than Google.

Yahoos MyWeb effort, so eloquently detailed by Erick Schonfeld in Business 2.0, and its recent acquisition of are part of this people versus Google movement.

I am a tad sanguine about this trend, because I have not seen the mainstreams get interested in the bookmarking and tagging as yet.

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Rajesh Jain

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