Microsoft’s 2006 Challenges

Directions on Microsoft outlines 10 challenges. Among them:

Take Vista into the Boardroom: Windows Vista could offer large organizations improvements in software development, security, reliability, systems management, and user interface. However, public demonstrations have been full of cool graphics effects and consumer features that probably turn off more IT staff than they attract, and sales of Windows upgrade rights to corporations have been disappointing. In 2006, Microsoft has to settle on a feature set for Vista that appeals to enterprises, explain clearly what that feature set is, and reveal what PC hardware and other infrastructure corporations require to reap the benefits.

Refresh the Online Strategy, Again: Microsofts latest online strategy is to match Googles every move in hopes of raking in more advertising dollars, while taking yet another stab at subscription services. 2005 saw a lot of motionleaked memos, blog buzz, reorgs, and a new “Live” brandbut little progress in terms of service improvements, audience share, or dollars. So Microsofts online strategy must start to gel in 2006, or the company will find Google continuing to steal headlines and rake in the advertising bucksor worse, building online services that begin to compete with Microsoft’s core software franchises.

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