2005 for Software Stocks

Bill Burnham has compiled a list of 2005’s best and worst performing software stocks. “To qualify for this year’s race all a firm had to do was start the year with at least $50M in market cap and focus its business on trying to sell software.” Among the top 3:

1. Neoware
Price Change: 150% Ticker:NWRE
Comment: Neoware is consolidating the so-called “thin client” space by buying up every software and hardware player it can find. It is really more of a hardware company now, but they started out the year more of a software play so they sneak into the top spot.

2. Autonomy
Price Change: 133% Ticker:AUTN
Comment: British unstructured search provider came to life in 2005 largely thanks to all of the investor enthusiasm in search related companies thanks to Google. Merged with Verity at the end of the year to build market heft.

3. Convera
Price Change: 113% Ticker: CNVR
Comment: Yet another enterprise search vendor that saw tremendous Google inspired investor enthusiasm in 2005. Something tells me the party won’t last.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.