Mobile Content 2006 Predictions writes:

# As the news that mobile telephones are becoming increasingly common in developing nations, far more common than computers, efforts to connect populations to the internet will switch from computers to mobile handsets. Therere already some efforts like this underway, but these will increase to projects such as translating mobile services to local languages.
# Linux will move onto mobile phones with the attendent hype and arguing on the merits in various forums. Although the biggest effort will be in the OS the big success will be in niche areas (such as indigenous languages) which may not be appealing to the big companies.
# The hype about personalization will give way to hype about customization (well, this isnt so much of a prediction but a hope). By customization I mean users adjusting the funcionality of their handset to suit themselves, such as the ability of users to arrange the menus on their phone as they see fit, as well as which network to connect to and when, the homepage for their mobile internet, and everything else to do with their mobiles. I adjust my computer to suit myself, and Im sick of wading through other peoples preferences on mobile phones.

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Rajesh Jain

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